🇺🇸 #US Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail Hackers for ISIS attacked US governmental website.

A Moroccan hacking Team called “Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail”, that has pledged allegiance to ISIS, had hacked this night an US gouvernementale website. They blocked the whole access to the website with a homepage defacing.

Screenshot of the attack on zone-h.org
Screenshot of the attack on zone-h.org

This has been notified on zone-h.org at 03:26:15 Paris TZ.  Zone-H indexes website defacements such as this one. Anyone can report a hacking on this plateform. The archive of this attack is able at http://www.zone-h.org/mirror/id/29848018.

On the screenshot above, we are able to see the content of the attack, the notifier, the date and the website. We learn the URL of the hack is https://co.stearns.mn.us. The original homepage has been reinstated. As written, the hackers are “Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail”. They pledged this action is not an attack but blocking an entire governmental website is obviously an attack.

There is a login page and online services that supposed hackers could have accessed to the databases and potentially gather sensitives informations like employee identities, emailed, passwords, payment informations. This is only a supposition of the other consequences of this attack.

The Victim

This website is owned by the Stearns County, in Minnesota, USA. It’s their local website for spreading informations about their local news and activities.


The Hackers

Cover of the facebook page of the M.I.U.M
Cover of the facebook page of the M.I.U.M

The “Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail” or “M.I.U.M” is an active hacking group based in Morocco. They recently hacked more than 270 governmental websites based in different countries like USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Russian Federation.

In 2014, the ADL organization wrote an article about “M.I.U.M”, claiming that hacking group officially pledged allegiance to ISIS. On the article – https://www.adl.org/blog/moroccan-islamic-union-mail-now-hacking-for-isis -, we can read :

Visitors to the academy website were redirected to a site that featured an image of an apparent cemetery for American soldiers with a message that reads: “Iraq is the graveyard of America. Welcome to the death that awaits you at the hand of the Mujahedeen in Iraq.” The site also includes an audio clip of an Islamic Jihadist song that glorified Islamic conquests.

And after a quick search on this hacking group, there is no doubt its intention as show the image bellow.

Picture with weapons of the Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail.
Picture with weapons of the Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail.

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