🇺🇸 #US Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail Hackers hacked US government and reveal North Korea support

The Moroccan hacking Team called “Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail”, that has pledged allegiance to ISIS, had hacked again US government websites. They blocked the whole access to the websites like they did the previous time, with a completely new homepage defacing.

🇺🇸 #US Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail Hackers for ISIS attacked US government website.

The 07/07/2017 on zone-h.org, they notified 13 hacked websites, exploiting a supposedly common CMS or architecture vulnerability running on Windows hosts.

What changed with their previous hack?

This time they are diffusing a strong message for the US government.

Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail new hack
Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail new hack

We are able to see in this new hack that affects 13 US government website, two major information that needs to be noticed.

Fear and political message

Firstly, it’s their intention to broadcast a political message. In their previous hacked, they were just “testing” how perform a hack on a US government website.

🇺🇸 #US Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail Hackers for ISIS attacked US government website.

Now, they are talking about fear and political message. They are slowly turning them-self in a cyber terrorist group, as we can refer to the NATO definition of “Cyberterrorism”:

A cyberattack using or exploiting computer or communication networks to cause sufficient destruction or disruption to generate fear or to intimidate a society into an ideological goal.

They are clearly playing the fear card:

If North Korea is bombed, Washington will be boomed too.

They are using a possible scenario to establish fear and “intimidate a society into an ideological goal”. As a reminder, they pledged allegiance to “ISIS” in 2014.

North Korea, new ally of ISIS ?

The second thing interesting in this new hack is they clearly define “Kim”, the leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, as “the wise man who is not afraid of anyone”. This thing is not just interesting but terrifying. As most of you know, North Korea just perform a new major advanced in their military development with the success launched of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile ( IBM ).

Read more about this news. 

If the formal members of the ISIS ideology are now supporting the “Leader”, what will happen if he supports this Ideology back? What we shall fear is a coalition between persecution leaders all over the world.  In 2013, 3 North Korean doctors had been killed by radical Boko Haram supporters. It was 4 years ago and maybe the time change.

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