Who Am I

I started cybersecurity in 2012 by learning how hack and exploit credit cards. It quickly appears I was not motivated by harming people but understand the risk they are exposed and how I can help them.

I studied the forensic in 2014. Looking for proofs, for the truth and mostly understand how an attack has been conducted. Hackers have reasons to hack a system. I personally though It’s really important to look the intentions, the motivations. If the hack is a dissuasion, a huge masquerade, it’s crucial to understand what is the real hack. You can miss important informations.

That’s why I studied, for 2 years now, the cybercrime. Who are the hackers. Why they are hacking. They got intentions. Understanding who they are, to anticipate their next attacks.

I love sharing my knowledge. That’s why I created this blog in 2015, shut it down due to security reasons in 2016 and now I am back in 2017.

You can contact me at w@cyber-exploit.com or on twitter at @W0x404.